The DOCMA VF80 Bolt is a superb piece of engineering.

It has a max rated capacity of 815kg and a 54cc 2-stroke engine. All this and it only weighs 10.5 kg!

DOCMA VF80 Bolt and 100m x 10mm rope. Comes with 2 ton x 2.5 metre round sling and 2 ton bow shackle.

Price: £1100 + VAT (£1320)

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The VF80 Bolt is the best selling portable capstan winch from Italian manufacturer DOCMA.

The VF80 Red Iron has an 815kg single line pull. Add a pulley block and it will pull 1630kg!

It has a powerful 2-stroke engine so runs on the same fuel as your chainsaw. The 2-stroke engine can also run in any position – even upside down.

Combined with a lightweight body, automatic brake and automatic throttle the VF80 is a superb piece of engineering.

Technical Data:

Maximum Traction: 815kg
Weight: 10.5kg
Dimensions: 346x336x253mm
Drum Speed: 26m/m
Engine: Solo 54,20cc 2-Stroke
Brake System: Automatic
Rope Diameter: 10-12mm