Portable Winch Company – PCW3000

The PCW3000 is a portable capstan winch with a 700kg pulling capacity.

Price: £995 + VAT (£1194)

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The PCW3000 is a portable capstan winch with a 700 Kg pulling capacity.

These amazing winches are made in Canada by the Portable Winch Company.

The PCW3000 portable capstan winch is smaller and lighter than the PCW5000.

PCW5000 and PCW3000

It weighs only 9.5kg meaning it is the ultimate in portable winches and can be carried into the most inaccessible sites.

This makes it perfect for all sorts of arboriculture and forestry applications:

Skidding logs out of hard to access places.
Safely dealing with hung up or windblown trees.
Assisted felling.

The PCW3000 is also perfect for stalkers who wish to recover deer carcasses.

Product details:
Engine: 4-Stroke Honda GXH-35 cc
Length: 35 cm
Width: 29 cm
Height: 26 cm
Weight: 9.5kg
Max. pulling force: 700 Kg
CE certified
Not designed for lifting
Manufactured in Canada