DOCMA - VF900-4 Nippon - Winch and Accessories

The VF900-4 Nippon is the latest 4 stroke portable capstan winch from Italian manufacturer DOCMA.

The VF900-4 Nippon builds on the success of the VF105 Red Iron but combines it with the latest Honda 4 stroke engine.

This gives and ultra lightweight, ultra reliable capstan winch that can run at any angle.

The VF900-4 Nippon has a 865kg single line pull but weights only 10.85kg.

It has a powerful 4-stroke Honda engine so runs on neat petrol.

The 4-stroke engine can also run in any position – even upside down.

Combined with a lightweight body, automatic brake and automatic throttle the VF900-4 is a superb piece of engineering.

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