Lug-All 1000-15

£439.00 + VAT (£526.80)


The Lug-All model 1000-15 is an industrial-grade 380kg steel cable come along ratchet winch / hoist featuring single line lift capabilities.

When used as a single line hoist, this model has 4.55m of cable and a 380kg capacity.

All Lug-All cable hoists are made in the USA using 7×19 aircraft cable and are designed with an aluminium alloy main frame with open construction for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Lug-All cable hoists also include a handle that is designed to bend at 125 to 150 percent of the rated capacity, protecting the user and equipment.

Single line capacity: 380kg
Single line working length: 4.55m
Weight: 3.2kg

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