Portable Winch Company – PCW3000-Li

The PCW3000-Li is a portable battery powered capstan winch with a 1000Kg pulling capacity.

Price: £750.00 + VAT (£900) (Winch only – Batteries / Charger extra)

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The PCW3000-Li is the very first portable battery powered capstan winch in the world!

Featuring a 1.0 KW brushless electric motor that accepts 80/82 Volts Lithium-Ion batteries, from 2 to 6 amperes, this powerful and reliable winch is compatible with other battery-powered tools like chainsaws and strimmers.

These amazing winches are made in Canada by the Portable Winch Company.

A battery powered electric motor has many advantages over a petrol engine. It is always ready to be used and has zero maintenance. It is safer and more environmentally friendly with no wasted or split fuel and no emissions. The PCW3000-Li is quiet and more pleasant to use than a petrol winch and has much lower running costs. It is ideal for seasonal and/or less frequent usage. It can also be used indoors!

Reaching up to 1000kg of pulling force, it will allow you to achieve difficult tasks with ease. It can be anchored anywhere in a few seconds. Once the winch is anchored, all that is left to do is to wrap the rope around the drum and start pulling.

The PCW3000-Li weighs only 9.5kg meaning it is the ultimate in portable winches and can be carried into the most inaccessible sites.

This makes it perfect for all sorts of arboriculture, woodland and forestry applications:

Skidding logs out of hard to access places.
Safely dealing with hung up or windblown trees.
Assisted felling.

The PCW3000-Li is also perfect for stalkers who wish to recover deer carcasses.

Product details:
Engine: 1.0 KW brushless electric motor
Length: 35 cm
Width: 29 cm
Height: 26 cm
Weight: 9.5kg
Max. pulling force: 1000Kg

The winch has 3 speeds :

Speed 1: 8.1 m/min
Speed 2: 10 m/min
Speed 3: 11.6 m/min

CE certified
Not designed for lifting
Manufactured in Canada