ISC Progress Capture Pulley Single (PCA-1271)

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The ISC brand specialized pulleys are made of aluminium and are therefore lighter. The PCA-1271 has a diameter of 62 mm and a Minimum Breaking Strength of 40 kN.

This is one of our two models of self-locking pulleys available for users seeking to hold a load in position. These are also popular in lifting. They are also very useful in forestry, hunting or for industrial applications.

It features a cam brake system that allows the rope to pass freely in one direction and is blocked in the other. The cam is held by a spring and can be disengaged by pulling a cord.

This aluminium pulley is mounted on a stainless steel shaft and a self-lubricating bearing. The swing side plates are also made of anodized aluminium.

Self-locking pulleys can also be used as standard pulleys; simply block the cam in the open position using the pin provided.

Minimum Breaking Load (metric) : 40 kN (4,079 kg)
Working Load Limit (metric) : N/A
Material : Aluminium
Certification : CE

Weight (metric) : 700 g
Diameter (metric) : 62 mm
Length (metric) : 230 mm
Width (metric) : 105 mm
Height (metric) : 80 mm
Minimum Diameter (metric) : 10 mm
Maximum Diameter (metric) : 13 mm

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