Portable Capstan Winches

Treadlight Forestry sells portable capstan winches from three manufacturers:



Portable Winch Company

We came across portable capstan winches a few years ago and immediately realised their potential in low impact forestry.
These winches are brilliant as they can be carried on to site and setup where it is simply impossible to get a larger machine.
Portable capstan winches have a small petrol engine, either 2 or 4 stroke, which provides force to a rotating capstan drum. A rope is connected to the target object and then wrapped around the capstan drum. As the rope is pulled friction transfers the power from the capstan drum to the rope.
Rope has many advantages over steel wire. It is lighter and easier to work with. It is safer as it has very low elasticity meaning less chance of things ‘springing’ back.
We sell a range of portable capstan winches with a pulling force of 700kg up to 1800kg pull. This is plenty of power to extract timber, deal with hung up trees, windblow, assisted felling etc.

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