Portable Winch Company – PCW5000 - Winch and Accessories

The PCW5000 portable capstan winch is the benchmark that all other portable capstan winches are measured by.

The combination of a Honda 4 stroke engine, a direct drive gearbox and 1000kg pull make this one of the most effective and reliable machines we have every come across.

The great thing about the PCW5000 is the huge range of accessories and anchor systems available.

When you buy a PCW5000 you are buying into a family of products that you can add to over time to make you winch even more effective and versatile.

If you are looking for a ‘ready to go’ bundle then please choose one of the forestry kits with either 50 or 100m of rope.

Or you can choose the PCW5000 and add any of the accessories, rope etc. from this section to create a custom kit of you own.

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