Automatic Release for Open Pulley (PCA-1291)

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The automatic release is used to free the rope from the pulley at the right moment to allow the log to finish its path parallel to the trail, without having to interrupt the operation to remove the rope from the pulley.

This accessory greatly improves the productivity of small-scale foresters.
The trigger is formed of two pieces: a steel cartridge and a chain link. Both are free at the end of the rope when they are not in use. To install it, just position the link at the desired distance, complete a half-turn with the rope and insert it into the cartridge. This will hold it in place without risking damage to the rope. Once inserted in the pulley, the trigger’s diameter will remove the rope from the open faced pulley (PCA-1270). This will allow the log to continue its trajectory and to pivot along the trail.
Suitable for ropes up to 12 mm (1/2”) in diameter.

Not recommended for use with the portable winch when it is anchored with a sling: when the rope’s tension is released, the winch would fall to the ground and could suffer damage. The use of an anchor such as the PCA-1268 or the PCA-1269 is recommended.

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