DOCMA VF900-4 Nippon + DOCMA 100m x 10mm rope

£1,350.00 + VAT (£1,620.00)

The VF900-4 Nippon is the latest portable capstan winch from Italian manufacturer DOCMA.

The VF900-4 Nippon builds on the success of the VF105 Red Iron but combines it with the latest Honda 4 stroke engine.

DOCMA VF900-4 Nippon
1 × DOCMA VF900-4 Nippon (Winch Only)

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DOCMA 100m x 10mm rope with hook (red)
1 × DOCMA 100m x 10mm rope with hook (red)

Out of stock

Out of stock


A simple kit containing the VF900-4 winch and 2 ton sling and 2 ton shackle to anchor the winch.

It also contains 100m of rope with a metal hook.

You can add pulley blocks, carabiners, choker chains etc. as required.

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