Double Braided Polyester Rope – 50m x 10mm (PCA-1205M)

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Double braided polyester rope (DBP): its double-braided construction makes it durable and features low stretch for increased safety.

Its low cost and resistance to abrasion make it a good choice for using with our capstan winches, where it is subject to friction and intense heat.

For the best performance, always use Portable Winch Co. ropes with your winch.

Ideal to use with the portable capstan winch PCW3000, but also works with PCW3000-Li and PCW5000-HS.

Minimum Breaking Load (metric) : 2,200 kg
Material : Double braided polyester
Weight (metric) : 3.5 kg
Length (metric) : 50 m
Diameter (metric) : 10 mm