Portable Winch Company – PCW3000 + Multi Purpose Kit + 50m x 10mm Rope

£1,227.85 + VAT (£1,473.42)

Complete PCW3000 kit with winch, pulley, rope, carabiners, bag and sling.

Portable Winch Company - PCW3000
1 × Portable Winch Company – PCW3000 (Winch Only)

In stock

Polyester Sling 60mm x 2m (PCA-1260)
1 × Polyester Sling 60mm x 2m (PCA-1260)

In stock


This multi-purpose PCW3000 kit is perfect for those who play outside and need to pull loads from time to time.

Think about small woodland owners or watersport enthusiasts, tool junkies, hunters, motorsports enthusiasts and many more.

In short, this assortment is ideal for works of all kinds.

In addition to the PCW3000 this kit contains an aluminium swing side pulley, 10 mm x 50 m rope, 2 x carabiners and an extra sling.

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