EDER Carving Cutter

ESF1 Carving Cutter (standalone attachment)
£285 + VAT

ESFA56 Carving Cutter (set – with motor)
£696 + VAT

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The EDER Carving Cutter is designed for milling channels and grooves in wood surfaces.

It can be used when building log houses, children’s playgrounds, carving sculptures and similar projects.

Two circular cutters are fitted on the milling head.

Their adjustable minimum blade projection setting effectively prevents the log from splitting.

The arrangement of the circular cutter creates a channel when milling, which creates a smooth surface without any vibrations.

The design of the milling head achieves high cutting performance with minimum effort.

Technical Data:
Weight without engine 2,0 kg
Weight with EDER-engine 7,8 kg
Min. required power 1,2 kW
Cutting disc diameter 95 mm
Milling disc width 30 mm
Blade length 320 mm
Number of Blades 2,
Max. permissible speed 13.000 1/min

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