EDER Powerwinch 1200

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The EDER Powerwinch 1200 portable capstan winch is an amazing all rounder. It is light, strong and very good value for money.

It has a max rated capacity of 1200kg making it suitable for moving very heavy loads on difficult to reach sites.

Comes with 2 ton x 2.5 metre round sling and 2 round sling hook to secure winch.

EDER Powerwinch 400
1 × EDER Powerwinch 1200 (Winch Only)

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The EDER Powerwinch 1200 portable capstan winch is the all rounder among the EDER Powerwinches. It is characterised by its lightweight, great strength and low price.

EDER Powerwinch 1200 portable capstan winch is capable of moving 90 times its own weight and is driven by a powerful 2-stroke engine.

It is operated using a lightweight synthetic rope of any length. It can be carried into the most difficult sites and allow timber to be extracted where a larger machine cannot reach.


EDER Powerwinch 1200 is powered by a 62cc 2 stroke engine. This means it can run in any position including at steep angles. It uses the same 2-stroke mix as your chainsaw so you only carry one can of fuel into the woods.

Centrifugal clutch – Capstan drum does not rotate at idle.

Automatic brake – stop pulling on the rope and the load is automatically held.

Automatic throttle – As you pull on the rope the throttle is automatically engaged.

This winch is not rated for lifting. If you need to lift with this winch consider adding the ISC Progress Capture Pulley Single (PCA-1271). Or you can swap to the Portable Winch Company – PCH1000 or Portable Winch Company – PCH2000.

Technical Data:

Maximum Pull: 1200kg
Weight: 13kg
Drum Speed: 14m/m
Engine: Active 65cc 2-Stroke
Throttle System: Automatic
Brake System: Automatic

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EDER Powerwinch 1200

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