EDER Wire Brush

ERB1 Wire Brush (standalone attachment)
£290 + VAT

ERB1A56 Wire Brush (set – with motor)
£701 + VAT

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The EDER Wire Brush is designed for machining and cleaning wooden surfaces.

It is exceptionally suited for working out the natural structure of the wood grain of boards or beams and round wood.

It can be used for construction, restoration and maintenance work on log houses, children’s playgrounds, park benches, wood fences, on weathered and rotten wood as well as similar projects.

It can also be used on surfaces, such as metal or iron to remove rust or old paint.

Technical Data:

Weight without engine 2,0 kg
Weight with EDER-engine 7,8 kg
Min. required power 1,2 kW
Working width: 100 mm
Brush diameter: 80 mm
Material: steel
Wire diameter: 0,3 mm
Max. permissible speed 13.000 1/min

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