EDER Contour Planer

EKH1 Contour Planer (standalone attachment)
£330 + VAT

EKHA56 Contour Planer (set – with motor)
£741 + VAT

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The EDER Contour Planer is designed for planing straight and wavy wood surfaces.

It can be used when building log houses, children’s playgrounds, Bonanza fences and similar projects.

The adjustable blade projection setting effectively prevents the log from splitting.

Since the device makes only one cut at the working width each time the cylinder turns, reaction forces are kept to a minimum.

The cylindrical design achieves high cutting performance with minimum effort.

Roots and thin branches are planed off effortlessly and efficiently.

The planer is also well-suited for very hard woods, such as Robinia wood.

Technical Data:
Weight without engine 2,75 kg
Weight with EDER-engine 8,55 kg
Min. required power 1,2 kW
Working width 120 mm
Blade width 30 mm
Number of Blades 4
Max. permissible speed 13.000 /1 min

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