EDER ETH-C-mini Chain Driven Mini Trough Cutter (402000)

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The EDER ETH-C-mini Chain Driven Mini Trough Cutter is suitable for milling out depressions in wooden surfaces.
It can be used to craft troughs and also used in chainsaw carving. The advantage over the large EDER trough cutters is the more precise and finer work.
The design of the milling heads results in high cutting performance with minimal effort. The arrangement of the circular knives enables processing in both the longitudinal and transverse directions.
There are 2 round knives on each milling head, which create a smooth surface without vibration.
The minimal knife protrusion prevents the wood from splintering.

Weight: 0.92 kg
Milling drum diameter: 61 mm
Working width: 39 mm
Number of knives: 4

The attachment is possible for the following Oregon bar models :
at 8mm: K041; K095; A095 & A074

A 3/8″ LP (low profile or mini) pitch chainsaw is required to uses this attachment.

This attachment is not compatible with chainsaws whose drive sprocket has .325″ pitch or normal 3/8″ pitch.

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