Molded Pack Frame for PCW3000 Transport Case (PCA-0104)

£179.00 + VAT (£214.80)

Molded pack frame for transport case PCA-0102 and rope bag PCA-0103.

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Designed for the PCA-0102 carry case in combination with vinyl rope bag PCA-0103 or just the large 50-litre XXL carry bag. Made of sturdy polymer, this ergonomic molded backpack comes with shoulder straps and a belt, all padded, thus offering excellent comfort.

When you use it with the PCA-0102 case and the PCA-0103 bag, you can transport the PCW3000 portable capstan winch, a 10 mm x 50 m rope and several small accessories.

If you use it with the large XXL 50-litre bag, you can also transport the PCW3000, some accessories and a 10 mm x 50 m rope but you can also use it as an all-purpose backpack!

Protect your investment while on the move!

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