ISC Aluminum Pulley for 13mm Rope (PCA-1292)

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The ISC brand specialized pulleys are made of aluminium and are therefore lighter. The ISC Single Pulley for 13mm Rope has a diameter of 63 mm and a Minimum Breaking Strength of 50 kN.

It is mounted on a stainless steel shaft and a self-lubricating bearing which ensure a flawless operation and an efficiency of 98%. The swing side plates are also made of anodized aluminium. Swivelling, they eliminate the need to thread the rope and therefore, allow it to be installed very quickly. In addition, they prevent the rope from getting out once they are closed.

This is the perfect pulley for applications requiring a very resistant and light pulley.

Use an appropriate carabiner to attach these pulleys to a polyester sling.

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EDER Powerwinch 400
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