Stainless Steel Single Swing Side Snatch Block (PCA-1274)

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Here is an excellent, robust and durable pulley.

This steel pulley is manufactured with stainless steel side plates and an aluminium sheave (a wheel with gouge). The swing side plates eliminate the need to thread the rope and therefore, allow it to be installed very quickly. In addition, they prevent the rope from getting out once they are closed.

The pulley shaft is made of stainless steel and an oil impregnated bronze bearing ensures a flawless operation and an efficiency of 98%, all without maintenance.

Its minimum breaking strength is 90 kN. Ideal to use with a 12-mm rope.

Use a appropriate carabiner to attach this pulley to a polyester sling.

Minimum Breaking Load (metric) : 90 kN (9,185 kg)
Working Load Limit (metric) : 22kN
Material : Sides: Stainless steel. Sheave: Aluminium

Weight (metric) : 1.1 kg
Diameter (metric) : 100 mm
Length (metric) : 196 mm
Width (metric) : 105 mm
Height (metric) : 53 mm

Minimum Diameter (metric) : 10 mm
Maximum Diameter (metric) : 13 mm

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