Transport Case with Molded Locations For 5000 Series Winches (PCA-0100)

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Our most popular model!

This transport case with molded parts is specially designed for the PCW5000 and PCW5000-HS winches.

Made of high-performance plastic, its molded forms secure the winch and several accessories. It is equipped with four elastic rubber tie-downs which hold the cover tightly. The cover is opened by releasing two attachments; the other two serve as hinges. The cover can also be removed completely and even used under the winch when working in snow or mud. Two handles molded in the box facilitate its handling.

In addition to protecting your winch from shocks and weather, the PCA-0100 case allows you to keep all your accessories such as pulleys, hooks, carabiners, anchors and slings in one place.

*Winch and accessories sold separately

Material : High performance polymer plastic
Weight (metric) : 6.65 kg
Length (metric) : 64 cm
Width (metric) : 55 cm
Height (metric) : 38 cm

Additional Information : Fits models PCW5000 and PCW5000-HS only.

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