Portable Winch Company – PCW5000 + Multi Purpose Kit + 100m x 12mm Rope

£1,860.00 + VAT (£2,232.00)

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This multipurpose kit has many uses from pulling logs to stuck vehicles to boats.

It includes the ultra reliable, Honda powered PCW5000 winch and 100 m of 12 mm double-braided polyester rope and its rope bag.

Additionally, it features a choker chain and a locking grab hook.

Using the aluminium pulley (PCA-1292), the user can create a block and tackle system that will double the pulling capacity of the winch. They can also use it to redirect the load.

An extra sling and 2x carabiners are also provided for those purposes.

**Note: there is an optional PCW5000 transport case (PCA-0100) that you might want to add to this kit.

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