STEIN OMEGA-12 100m x 12mm Rigging Line

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After extensive testing the STEIN OMEGA Rigging line was selected by the Portable Winch Company as the best rope for use with their portable capstan winches.

This rope is compatible with the PCW3000, PCW3000-Li, PCW4000 and PCW5000.

STEIN OMEGA Rigging lines have a 32-plait polyester sheath which offers a high resistant’s to abrasion and combined with a braided high tenacity core provides for a tough but high strength lowering line. The balanced core/cover polyester construction offers performance and durability when needed.

OMEGA has a fully torque balanced construction which helps eliminate twist; UV resistant polyester construction for outdoor use and the supple braid aids handling running smooth through common Rigging Hardware.

This lowering line offers excellent value for money, holds knots well and is fully Spliceable to create high strength terminations.

Diameter (mm): 12
Colour: White (Orange Fleck)
Length (m): 50
Eye Size (cm): No
Average Break Load (kg): 4100
Splicable Ave Break Load (kg): 3700
Rope Type: OMEGA 32
Coated: No
Manufacturer: STEIN

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